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Effective November 26, 2016

                       All Rentals run from noon till noon

Weekends 24hr (Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun and holidays Sun –Mon)   $500/24 hrs
Sunday noon till 6PM                                       $ 100 extra
Sunday noon till 9 PM                                       $ 150 extra
Sunday noon till MN                                        $ 200 extra

Sunday noon till Mon noon (if not a holiday weekend)       $ 400.00

Monday noon till Friday noon (4 nights)                      $ 800.00

Mid - Week (Monday till Thursday) 24 hrs                    $ 200.00

All weddings will be charged an addition                     $ 300.00
( This is due to larger than normal occupancy)

20% off summer rates for shoulder season rentals which are May 15- June 15
                                                                                                     Sept 15- Oct closeup

All rentals are required to pay a damage deposit of $150.00 which is refundable if no damage occurs      

Booking coordinator:  Linda Lawton